Utilization of Social Media in Enhancing Customer Service A Case of

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Utilizationof Social Media in Enhancing Customer Service: A Case of Anixter

Utilizationof Social Media in Enhancing Customer Service: A Case of Anixter

Marketingthrough the social media has become one of the focal points throughwhich organizations invest heavily. The predominant factor behind theemphasis on using social media in advertising is that the managementcan measure the customer service success. Engaging external customerson the social platform makes it easier for marketers to obtaindifferent views and responses on issues affecting consumers. Theincreased interaction between consumers and marketers acts as thebasis for measuring customer satisfaction. In this regard, use ofsocial media in marketing is becoming increasingly popular across theworld due to its measurable outcome. The paper discusses how AnixterInternational utilizes social media to advance clients’ servicerelationship through the social media.

AnixterInternational is one of the organizations that demonstrate seriouscustomer engagement on social platforms, an aspect that contributesto operational efficiency and customer experience. Application ofe-commerce is one of the elements the company uses to measure itssuccess in customer service. Currently, a bigger percentage ofconsumers prefer online shopping due to convenience associated withthis development. People tend to allocate less time on shoppingcompared with other activities, an aspect that contributes to theincreasing popularity of online transactions (Ling, Yang, &amp Jun,2013). Anixter International devotes its resources to creating anonline platform that would allow customers to engage marketers andpurchase items efficiently. Through consistent engagement with thecustomer, marketers manage to get realistic feedback concerning theconsumer satisfaction. When customers find it easy and fast tocomplete the transaction with less input, they are likely to have apositive experience. When the feedback gets to the marketer on theother end, the assumption is that the customer service is successful(Triplett, 2012). In this case, the organization is likely to retainthe customers based on convenience they experience during shopping.

Todemonstrate a commitment to enhancing customer convenience, AnixterInternational uses various social platforms to ensure constantengagement with external customers. The firm has a Facebook page,Twitter handle, and YouTube channel to connect with consumers.Besides having an efficient app for e-business, social platformsserve as the first contact point for exchanging views and attractingprospects. The existence of social media marketing and e-commerce ingeneral is a clear indication of how the firm values customersatisfaction. Since marketing is an investment, the firm has aguarantee of good returns for revenues spent on it. Through socialmedia, firms can expand its customer base and facilitate efficiency(Kiron, 2012). In this respect, the demonstrable effort for enhancingcustomer convenience through social media platforms is an indicationhow the organization values marketing. In addition, emphasis one-commerce and social marketing portrays firm’s interest inimproving customer relationship.

Conclusively,social media has become increasingly popular among marketers all overthe world. Most organizations use social media to connect with boththe prospective and existing customers. Measuring the customerservice success is easier when the firm uses social platforms in itsmarketing activities. Increasing preference of online purchasing byconsumers is a clear indication of the success of social mediamarketing. Anixter International is one of the organizations thatbenefit through social media as well as manages to acquire measurableoutcome of the marketing activities. Thus, social media is a perfecttool the firm can use to enhance customer service, maximize returns,and facilitate efficiency.


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