Validity and Reliability

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Validityand Reliability


Validityand Reliability

Reliabilityis a measure of the degree to which a research instrument givesconsistent results after repeated trials. A device is perceived to bereliable if it can measure a variable consistently and accurately,and obtain similar results under same conditions over time. Thestudents must have noted that one of the faculty members was easierthan the other two, after conducting series of tests, which yieldedconstant outcome and hence came to that conclusion.

Validityis a judgment regarding the degree to which components of theresearch reflect the theory, concept or variable under study. Itrepresents the standard to which a test measures what it seems todetermine. To ensure reliability during the exercise is valid, Iwould propose that test-retest technique is administered. Thismethod is used when the researcher wants to examine the stability andreliabity of a data instrument over time. (Liljamo, Kinnunen,Ohtonen, &amp Saranto, 2017). The technique will ensure that theassessors give an unbiased score of each student, and no one givesresults based on how easy he/she is. It will be the best way ofmeasuring the equivalence of ratings obtained with an instrument whenused by different observers.

Thevalidity of the problem will get estimated by the use ofcriterion-related validity method. This system provides confirmationon how good the scores on the newly conducted measure conform tofurther steps of the identical construct or very similar underlyingconstructs that should be related. This method will ensure that eachstudent gets same results or closely related results after beingassessed by the members of the faculty (Liljamo, Kinnunen, Ohtonen, &ampSaranto, 2017).

Inconclusion, validity and reliability are critical when analyzing anyform of data. Theinter-reliabilitystrategy can be used to enhance repeatability of findings. Thecriterion-related validity intervention can be used to ensure thatgrading during the assessment is valid.


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