Veterans Mental Health Issues Etiology, Nursing Care, and Treatment

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VeteransMental Health Issues: Etiology, Nursing Care, and Treatment

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VeteransMental Health Issues: Etiology, Nursing Care, and Treatment

Veteransexperience various hardships during both their period of service andafter returning home. Watching the videos on the experiences of theveterans creates an understanding of the pain that these individualundergo. The story of their experiences during and after theirservice creates somber and sympathetic emotions. It is evident thatthe soldiers in both cases have post-traumatic stress disorder, whichleads to other complications such as insomnia.


Froma personal point of view, veterans suffer due to the experiences theyunderwent during the battle. The fact that they suffered thetraumatic conditions at the battlefield and lost some of theirfriends creates different disturbing conditions that affect themthroughout their life if there is no intervention. Their storycreates a feeling of empathy. The experiences mostly affect theirmental health and could lead to complications such as insomnia.


Throughethical knowing, it is the obligation of the nurses to protect andtreat the veterans’ mental conditions. Veterans need psychologicalcare as well as pharmacological care depending on the conditions theypresent. From the videos, it is evident that the veterans developpsychological issues such as paranoia and the feeling of beingunrecognized and it is, therefore, the duty of the nurse to offercounseling and psychological therapy to them. They also present withcases such as insomnia which the nurse can treat using hypnotics andcognitive behavioral therapy.


Accordingto Burnam, Meredith, &amp Tanielian (2009), veteranssuffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after theirexperiences on the battlefield. These conditions are treatablethrough different approaches depending on the presentation of thecase. Psychotherapies act as the most effective methods for treatingthe conditions presented by the veterans. Failure to provide care forthe veterans experiencing mental health issues lead to greater dangerto the people around the person and himself (Wands, 2013). It is theduty of the nurse to assure the patient of confidentiality during thetreatment process.


Idiscovered that most soldiers are always proud of their work, mainlybecause they protect their nation. The people around the veteransshould always respect this aspect by making them feel appreciated forthe work they did. As a nurse, always reminding the soldier thattheir work is appreciated can make them feel accepted. It can also bea good start in the therapeutic process.


Veteransare important individuals in the society. The ex-servicemen/womenoften suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and such can betreated using different therapeutic approaches, includingpsychotherapy. It is the duty of the nurse to ensure that he or sheoffers the much-needed care to these individuals.


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