Video Review On Human Experiment

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VideoReview On Human Experiment


VideoReview On Human Experiment

Onthe review of the movie &quotThehuman experiment&quot,there are several questions of concern that tickle on people mind. Itall talks about the effects that chemicals have when used on the bodyof an individual or when exposed to the environment. Following thisperspective, there is a need to build efforts towards enlightening ofpeople about the hazards of chemicals and their safe exposure. Inthis connection, conclusions can be drawn following intensive andcredible investigations carried out by scientists (Penn, 2017). In“TheHuman Experiment”there is a reality that much of the untested chemicals get consumedon a daily basis in the products people uses both at homes and alsothose that we consume inside us. Their continuous use results tohealth complications and as a result, the gap should get breached tosave of many who are at risk.

Muchof the movie shows the simplistic views of chemicals without givingmore emphasis on science which analyses the effects of chemicals andhow they lead to diseases when exposed. Regarding the currentregulations on chemicals, it provides an entirely different pictureof how chemicals should be handled. It is because, it does notappreciate the positive roles played by the chemistry that strives tomake life safer and an environment which is convenient for use (Penn,2017). More effort should be put to enhance the consumer confidencethrough having chemical safety regulations to the manufacturers. Asillustrated, those appearing in the movie do not know the harmfuleffects of chemicals.

Tosum up, it is true that human experiments illustrate an area whichstill ignites discussions all over the world. In the movie, we findthat the activists are not at peace, and often, they go head to headwith most entrepreneurs and industries involved in chemical businessso as to reach an understanding whereby safer regulations getimplemented.


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