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Vision 2030


City and State:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has based its Vision 2030 on threepillars to build the best future. These pillars include a thrivingeconomy, an industrious nation, and a vibrant society and theyrepresent its unique competitive advantages. Its leaders have a firmconviction that its status will enable it to build on its leadingrole as the core of Islam and Arab worlds. It looks forward to usingits investment strength to create a more sustainable and diverseeconomy. It also intends to use its strategic location to connectEurope, Asia, and Africa and to develop its role as an essentialdriver of global trade. This paper outlines a summary of Saudi Vision2030 report and describes how the report supports 3-D printingvending machine.

Overview of Vision 2030 Report

One of the primary goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to improvethe standards and quality of health services by creating a healthcare sector, which enhances transparency and competition amongproviders. That will improve the productivity, efficiency, andcapability of treatment and increase the options accessible to itscitizens (Al-Saud, 2016, p. 29). Another goal is to create adequateemployment opportunities for its citizens by supporting investmentsin new industries, privatization, and small and medium enterprises(SME) entrepreneurship (Al-Saud, 2016, p. 36). It also plans toimprove its quality of education by launching programs that will helpat least 80 percent of Saudi parents to be involved in schoolactivities as well as their children’s learning process. It alsointends to increase its efforts to make sure that its educationsystem’s outcomes are in line with the market requirements. Itplans to award its scholarship opportunities in the fields, whichserve its national priorities and steer them towards high-statusuniversities. It also intends to advance innovation inentrepreneurship and technology. That will create more opportunitiesfor its citizens.

How the Report Supports 3-D Printer Vending Machine

A 3-D printer vending machine refers to an amazing, user-friendlyinnovation, which makes use of high-tech systems to create or printthree-dimensional objects. Its primary goal is to track the latesttrends in fashion, for instance, accessories. Indeed, there are manyways in which this report supports the product.

The report shows the government’s plan of opening up new investmentopportunities, encourage innovation and competition, facilitateinvestment, and take out all obstacles that limit the role of theprivate sector in development. The government will reform and improveits regulations to pave the way for the private sector to offer highquality services (Al-Saud, 2016, p. 45). Achieving this goal willfacilitate massive investment in the 3-D printing vending machine,thus, making it accessible to everyone.

The report reveals the government’s plan of increasing investmentin the field of technology to become a leader in the digital economy(Al-Saud, 2016, p. 44). It also intends to make a massive investmentin innovations to stimulate the growth of enterprises that embracechange. It will develop its investment instruments to improve thebusiness environment and unlock economic sectors that are promisingto attract the finest talents (Al-Saud, 2016, p. 13). Accomplishingthis goal will allow innovative improvements to be made on theproduct to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

The report also shows the government’s plan to make the country’seconomy provide more opportunities for all citizens so that they maybe able to grow. It intends to promote the culture of highperformance through initiating training programs that will bebeneficial to the workforce and harnessing the talents and innovationof its citizens (Al-Saud, 2016, p. 13). Realizing this goal willallow harnessing of the finest talents to make this product better.


The goals that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looks forward to achievingby 2030 involve growth and development of all sectors of the economylike education, health, technology, entrepreneurship, andinfrastructure. Undeniably, achieving these goals will result in amore suitable economy and improve the welfare of Saudi citizens.


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