Visionary Leadership

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Avision is an aspirational description of what a person would like toachieve in the future. Having a vision enables a person to take thebest course of action to fulfill it, as stated by Northouse (2015).An example of my vision is that I always aspire to secure a top-notchjob which will enable me to progress in my career.


Withouthaving a clear vision, I might not get to succeed in my career. Having a vision would enable me to stay focused on my goals and doeverything within my limits to succeed. Being a visionary person, Iwill be able to enhance my performance and handle every challengethat comes my way and


Ienvision myself becoming a great leader in my workplace where I willserve with vigor and contribute to the growth of the organization. Iwill also be used with dignity to ensure that the organizations growto the best level possible.


Groupmembers working towards different goals and visions can neveraccomplish what is intended, and therefore they cannot be effective.This is because when everyone pursues what is in their best interest,they tend to encounter conflicts of interest and therefore, theycannot work in collaboration.


Thevisions of group members reflect trust and respect that enable us torelate well without any iota of disagreements. Therefore, withrespect for each other, there can be no aspect of conflict betweenmembers.


Lackof competence is one of the major reasons why people resist changeespecially when particular skills are vital to bringing abouttransformation. However, proper communication with their leadersabout change enables them to overcome resistance.


Mostof the leaders who seamlessly use uplifting words are often regardedas self-centered and who have hidden agendas. People fear them sincethey focus only on their personal well-being as opposed to thewell-being of their followers.


Thevisioning process for leaders who want to influence others differs inthe sense that they lack the moral purpose of being in leadership.Their main focus is essentially based on manipulating others to givein to their demands.

Characteristicsof good visions are the same. An articulation of the vision dependson the willingness of an individual to interpret it and make itachievable. On the other hand, implementation depends on thewillingness of a person to make the vision a reality.


Yes,I agree with the book since visions are effectuated and made possibleby the values that are ingrained in a person. Howard Schultz presentsa situation whereby his visions as the CEO of Starbucks blended wellwith the organization to create a friendly environment for employees.


Avision map should clearly state what needs to be done and what aperson or organization should do to accomplish it. It should alsoindicate the timelines within which a vision must be actualized.Honesty and flexibility of the vision should be considered whencreating a map.


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