Week 10 – OL600 – Discussions

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Week10 – OL600 – Discussions

Week10 – OL600 – Discussions

Itis unfortunate that there is no universal acknowledgment of HumanResource Management (HRM) as a strategic management function, yet ofthe three factors of production, labor/human resource is the entitythat ensures that action is taken on both land and capital. Mundy(2012) confirms the continued lack of appreciation of HR as astrategic partner among business leaders. Therefore, the objective ofthis reflection is to reiterate the strategic value of the HRprofession by offering an overview of the barriers that hinder theseexperts from being perceived as strategic partners as well as provideexamples of the skills, credibility, and competitive advantages thathighlight a contrary situation.

Evidently,the inability of the business owner, managers, or leader toappreciate the value of excellent communication skills andrelationship management in attracting and retaining high-performingemployees hinders them from appreciating the strategic value offeredby HR professionals. According to the Society of Human ResourceManagement (2017), diplomacy, facilitation, and active listening aresome of the competencies, which offer both credibility andcompetitive advantage to skilled professionals.

Moreover,it is impossible for an individual leader to be good at all themanagement functions that result in a healthy and successfulbusiness. Consequently, not all managers possess good relationshipmanagement skills (Zimmerman, 2013). Believably, competent HRprofessionals bring to the table sound relationship managementcompetencies such as the ability to network, foster mutual respectand teamwork, and establish credibility that in turn offers acompetitive advantage to any successful business entity.

Lastly,the vivid inability of HR professionals to align their functions withthe overall business strategy is another barrier that causes leadersto fail to consider the line of work as a strategic partner.Therefore, HR professionals must demonstrate critical evaluationcompetencies such as decision-making as well as business acumencompetencies like strategic agility and economic awareness toreinforce credibility and strategic value among business leaders.

Toconclude, it is evident that Human Resource Management is notregarded as a strategic entity. This is unfortunate given itsimportance in the production process. It is the source of labor thatdrives the entire production and other company activities. This callsfor the need to appreciate HR professionals because they are alsogood communicators and competent managers who contribute to thestrategic growth of the firm.


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