Week 10 – OL620 – Discussion Response 1

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Week10 – OL620 – Discussion Response 1

Week10 – OL620 – Discussion Response 1

NovaSomis an organization that seeks to increase knowledge and awarenessabout sleapapea (NovaSom, 2017). The recommendation that NovaSom isless affected by the existing disparities may be inaccurate becausethat assertion contravenes the precedent statement that theAffordable Care Act (ACA) will give it an opportunity to reach moreclients and that such action will decrease disparities. Therefore,based on my personal translation and assessment of the abovestatement, there is no significant change in the existing knowledgeand care gaps before and after ACA. If indeed the interpretation iscorrect, then a better recommendation would be that Novasom increasesits sensitization activities to ensure that more individuals areaware of the benefits of the AccuSom®test. The resultant effects of such actions would be a possiblereduction in disparities prior and post the implementation of ACA.

NorthShore Medical Center is a for-profit hospital that was founded 61years ago with the aim of offering the best medical care services andpromoting specialization in health services (North Show MedicalCenter, 2016). In light of the health economics, an alternativeproposal would be to set up an investigative commission. The groupwould re-evaluate the hospital’s service offerings against themarket situation and undertake actions such as demand forecasting andneeds assessments to establish the appropriateness of the decision tochange the hospital’s target market segment as well as clients.Thus, my assessment of this recommendation is that it was offeredwithout sufficient statistical data analysis to justify theabandonment of the original hospital mission and vision.

Tosum up, it is evident that the recommendation made for NovaSom isinaccurate. This is because there has been no improvement even afterthe Affordable Care Act. As an alternative, the institution shouldlaunch a commission to re-assess its services in bid to understandthe repercussions of implementing the proposal at hand.


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NovaSom(2017). NovaSomJoins American Sleep Apnea Association Industry Roundtable.Retrieved fromhttp://www.novasom.com/novasom-joins-american-sleep-apnea-association-industry-roundtable/

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