Week 10 – Ol620 – Discussion Response 2

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Week 10 – Ol620 – DiscussionResponse 2

Week 10 – Ol620 – DiscussionResponse 2

Banner’s Health (BH) is a large nonprofit hospital system with itsheadquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. It should be acknowledged thateveryone loves affordable prices for services provided. In that case,the BH’s managerial team works around the clock to ensure thattheir medical products and services are affordable. BH is spreadacross seven western states as a strategy to offer its services tomore patients. The decision to acquire University of Arizona HealthNetwork (UAHN) and its subsidiary had a significant burden to theorganization regarding financing (Electronic Municipal Market Access(EMMA), 2016). Although the investment was long-term, BH should havelooked for funding from other stakeholders. Since BH is a nonprofitenterprise, it should consider its short-term and long-terminvestments to combat future losses. The jump in the currentliabilities of $600 million may be attributed to the increase in theoperational costs (EMMA, 2016). BH should also work in conjunctionwith the government in providing the services to the population.

BH integration of Electronic Health Record (EHR) system was arequirement by the Health Information Technology for Economic andClinic Health (HITECH) Act of 2009. However, the execution of thetechnology faced a stiff challenge. Consequently, it resulted in thecyber-attack that affected 3.7 million individuals (Conn, 2016). Therecommendation to hire a computer forensic company and contact lawenforcement officials was called for in BH (Conn, 2016). It wouldhelp in reinforcing the system and illustrate the steps that thehospital will undertake in preventing future attacks. The affectedparties would be at peace upon knowing that BH invested heavily inaddressing the challenge. From the provided information, it seemslike BH lacks a workforce that is tasked with maintaining the system.The hospital should invest in information technology personnel whowould be responsible for any system breaches. The presence of thedepartment would have prevented the anomaly between the point of saleand clinical systems.


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