Week 2 Questions History of Homosexuality

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Week2 Questions History of Homosexuality

Theattitude of the society towards same-sex marriages has been varyingfrom time to time. The variation ranges from suppressing the practicethrough legal structures to death penalties. Studies carried out byresearchers in 42 communities found out that 9 of the communitiesallowed or ignored the existence of the practice while 5 of them werenot aware of the concept (Petrovic 207). Besides, 11 considered itimmoral but did not have any form of punishment while the reststrongly condemned it and had capital punishment for the culprits.Out of the 70 communities, the act was absent in 41 groups andpresent in 29 communities. Even though the historical backgroundremains elusive, Boswell and Halperin offers historical contexts ofthe vice that are worth analyzing.

Inhis perspective, Boswell bases his argument on the Greco-Roman World.He asserts that during the period, the four types of same-sexrelationships were discussed broadly. There was widespreadexploitation of males particularly slaves (Boswell 54). It was commonfor men to show aggression to defeated enemies by raping them. It wasalso common for slave owners to have same-sex relationships withtheir slaves. He, however, affirms that it is not easy to find therecords on the same since the actions were private and had no legalimplications (Boswell 54).

Halperin,on the other hand, is entirely against this approach of tracing thehistory of homosexuality. He asserts that the most intelligent way ofanalyzing and finding the history of homosexuality is assessing thesignificance of this vice and its construction over time in humanrelationships (Halperin 29). History gained from this approach willnot only be gay history but will also be history based on thecontemporary interests of the gays.


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