What happened in Tiananmen? Why didn`t that happen in Russia?

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Whathappened in Tiananmen? Why didn’t that happen in Russia?

Whathappened in Tiananmen? Why didn’t that happen in Russia?

StartingMay 1989, there was an attempted counterrevolution in China which sawmany demonstrators flood the country’s central business capital. The causes of the demonstration included social unrest in EasternEurope, nepotism, inflation, political corruption, and the desire forreforms (National Public Radio 2012). The leaders of the protesterected a huge sculpture at the center of the Tiananmen Square thatwas similar to the America`s Statue of Liberty. This aimed at showingthat the demonstration had the backing of the United States and othercapitalist countries (Becker 2014).

TheChinese leadership was forced to declare martial laws and mobilizehundreds of soldiers to thwart the demonstrations in order to restoreorder in the city. On June 2, 1989, the troops made attempts to clearthe Tiananmen Square but many soldiers were assaulted by thedemonstrators while others were killed and several army vehiclesdestroyed. On June 4, 1989, the China’s People’s Liberation Armymade another attempt to disperse the masses that had gathered in theSquare. In their second attempt, they had weapons which enabled themto disperse the masses, and only a few individual were killed.However, in the area surrounding Tiananmen hundreds were killed whenthey attempted to prevent the soldiers from accessing the square(Clark 2014).

Atthe time of the protest, many socialists’ government in Central andEastern Europe had been overthrown. However, in the Soviet Union,neither disintegration nor democratization was seen as a solution tothe problems facing the country. Besides, in 1991, Gorbachevinitiated pro-capitalist reforms that prevented the country fromexperiencing a counterrevolution such as the one that occurred in theChina’s Tiananmen Square (Becker 2014).

Inconclusion, starting May 1989 protestors flooded Beijing City callingupon the Chinese government to adopt pro-capitalist reforms. Theclimax of the demonstration was on 4thJune 1989 when thousands of students and workers assembled in theTiananmen Square, and this forced the army to open fire in order todisperse the protestors.


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