Why I am Interested in Nursing Profession

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WhyI am Interested in Nursing Profession

Pursuinga nursing profession has always been one of my dreams sincechildhood. The interest is mainly motivated by the fact that asnursing is playing a crucial role in delivering the goals of socialsustainability. As the population continues growing, the societylooks to the nurses as the critical players to provide equitablehealthcare services. Enrolling for the professional nursing coursesis one way of building the professional resilience to deal with thegrowing pressure. In this regard, in pursuing the nursing course, Iwant to be part of the process aimed at addressing the sustainabilitychallenge. I acknowledge that becoming a successful nurse is not justabout being able to practice, but upgrading the needed skills throughcontinuous learning process. Indeed, while I am currently working atmaternal, newborn unit, I am also attending school for my master’sdegree in family nurse practitioner program. I started the schoollast year and hope graduate next year, by July 2018.


Ihave laid out several short-terms goals to realize my career goals.At the top of my priority list of the short-term goal is to completemy academic studies in master’s degree in family nurse practitionerprogram. I believe this academic knowledge is an important careerpillar. However, I am also aware that the nursing program is not justinterested in learners with high grades, but also those withexceptional attributes that would engage the academia community. Iwill strive to be an outgoing student who will fit in the academiacommunity. In the past, I have engaged in various sciences’co-curricular activities aimed at helping the society address theproblems of health care sustainability. I hope to be active in asimilar way. While I have many common application activities thatwould interest me, I realize that I can only conveniently participatein one area — involved in research. I highly value the researchbecause it builds confidence in me. In particular, it enhancesprofessional knowledge, in addition to serving as a platform to workwith and learn from people with like minds. Moreover, I am optimisticthat involvement in research work is critical in helping me acquireconfidence about professional life.


Mylong-term is serving as a world-class professional family nursepractitioner. I acknowledge thenursing students who aspire to work as the family nurse practitionersand who already possess undergraduate training certificates arerequired to complete any graduate program, which could either be adoctor in nursing practices or masters degree. Furthermore, toreceive promotions to different levels of the nursing profession, onerequires training at job by not only taking classes, but also workingin the family nursing field. Conventionally, undergraduate nursingprograms do not offer courses for specialization. Rather, advancedcourses may provide relatively specialized training. Awide range of post-graduate training programs are offered, but whichalso dependent on a sub-specialty area of interest. I will strive tofulfill these conditions. Moreover, to be a proficient family nursepractitioner, I will work to nurture patience and compassionqualities. I will also nurture the strengths and abilities to put topractice the principles of family nursing care development that Ihave learned in class and personal experience and endeavor to thinkcritically, communicate effectively, and show a sense of organizationthrough my practice.