Why I Want To Go To Cosmetology School

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WhyI Want To Go To Cosmetology School


WhyI Want To Go To Cosmetology School

Cosmetologyis the art of beautifying people and making them feel good. It is abroad area that covers hair, skin, makeup, nail, and cosmeticservices (Ganchy, 2013). From a tender age, I have been obsessed withbeauty. The idea of helping others to accomplish physical andemotional satisfaction through beauty and my inborn capacities in thefield has attracted me to pursue cosmetology.

Igrew up with my aunt who was a cosmetologist. She was, by far, myrole model and biggest motivation to pursue the same career pathway.I enjoyed watching her move her hands and maneuver beauty toolsaround to give a perfect outcome, and her clients would out with aglowing face. I have been enamored of art since it gives me theopportunity to create numerous designs in painting, drawing, anddecorating hence, providing clients with an excellent appearance.

Cosmetologyhas been my dream career goal, and I have put all my resources andefforts in making it happen. My parents have played a significantrole in my career course to pursue cosmetology through their undyingsupport. They have helped me think positive and set my career goalsand objectives as a cosmetologist. I enjoy reading beauty articlesand magazines, watching videos about hairdressing and like playingwith my friends’ hair by styling them it is always fascinating andfun.

Mydream career goal will be to own a salon or a chain of salons. I wishto go to cosmetology school in order to acquire the relevant skillsand expertise before I commence my success journey. I want to becomea famous and respected cosmetologist through my hard work andcommitment.


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