Why I Want to Spend Four Years in College

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WhyI Want to Spend Four Years in College

From the time I knew what a college was, my desire to join one hasbeen forever burning. At an early, I remember hearing the talk ofcollege and college life from my mom and her side of the family. Theytalked about their experiences in college with a lot of enthusiasm,and it became my personal goal to join college one day. My name isPresley, I’m 19 years old was born in Haiti but currently living inthe United States. My family and I relocated to the States in 2012.Looking at my life’s journey, I consider it a blessing, that lifehas given the opportunity to join a prestigious college in thiscountry.

2016 will remain memorable for a long time and forever evoke deepemotions. Sadly, sometime last year, I lost my mother. My mother wasa loving, hardworking parent who will be missed and loved by myfamily. Personally, I looked up to her, and I can say affirmatively,she was my role model. Losing her was a major blow to me but Ilearned to deal with. It was always her dream to see me off tocollege one day, but sadly it won’t be as she had hoped. As anelder sibling, I’ve come to understand and accept theresponsibility of setting a better example for my younger brothers,as repeatedly said by mom. Joining a reputable college, such asyours, is among the many ways I can be a good example to my youngerbrothers.

On the surface, I’m a young, hardworking and modern person. I takeschool work very seriously, and this can be seen in the good grades Imanaged in high school. I have many dreams and goals that I’mdetermined to make happen. I don’t expect the course to be easy andwon’t be looking for anyone to do the hard work on my behalf. I’mvery industrious and hard working even when the task at hand istough. During the early years of schooling, I found writing,especially grammar and spelling, to be challenging, but throughdedication and hard work, I was able to perfect the skill.

The main reason I want to spend four years of my life in college isto gain knowledge and skills. College offers quality education and isrich in resources. There are various faculties and departments whereeducation and research are intermixed, being in such an environmentgives me the opportunity to follow the path towards academicexcellence. The knowledge and skills acquired at this institution arevital attributes I need so as to be successful in the future.

In addition to the academics, I’m drawn to the college for otherreasons. I’m keen on and strive to work with diverse groups ofpeople, while at the same time sharing my mindset. Colleges havedifferent people from diverse ethnicities and cultures. I lookforward to interacting with such people. Emphasis on diversity is notonly on the population but also the specialized faculties anddepartments which create specific niches for each student. This doesnot restrict students from interacting with each other. However, it’sthe seamless interaction between faculties that creates a reallearning environment that mimics a real world setting [ CITATION Jam12 l 1033 ].

The time I spent in high school was full of experiences and gave megreater expectations of the future. I view college as holding a bigbook with many unread chapters, and with me as the as the eagerreader whose about to read the book. It’s my personal intent toread and probe all the chapters of this &quotbook.&quot Joining areputable college offers me much more than the great reputation ofthe school, but also a large a diverse student body and many otherengagements both academic and non-academic. With knowledge, skills,and experiences of a college, I believe I will be well equipped tocreate a name and place for myself in this society.


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