Why was Staples out on the street late that night?

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Whywas Staples out on the street late that night?

Stapleshad just joined the University of Chicago as a first-year Graduatestudent. As a student, Staples was walking along the streets of HydePark from the institution to his residence. On his way to the house,he encountered the young lady who felt frightened when she glanced athis appearance in the dark.

Whatdid Staples ultimately do about his “threatening” appearance?

AfterStaples had realized his presence was threatening many pedestrians atnight, he took some precautions to ensure he was less threatening.Whenever he was walking at night, he could maintain a wide distancefrom people who seemed nervous more so when he had changed his workattires to jeans. Also, when he realized some people are entering aparticular building, he could linger around and let the people get infirst and later get into the building. This approach he used to avoidany feelings that he was following such people. Also, whenever policestopped Staples, he stayed calm to prevent any suspicion. Apart fromthese approaches, he resorted to whistling nice melodies from Vivaldiand Beethoven at night to make street walkers relax.

Whatare some examples of people “whose business is to screen outtroublesome individuals before there is any nastiness”?

Cabdrivers, doorkeepers, bouncers, police and others

Accordingto Staples, what goes into “the making of a young thug?”according to the author, what is dangerous about seeming dangerous?

Accordingto Staples, many young people considered themselves strong andendowed with power. Consequently, they feel that they shouldintimidate everybody on the streets. Also, many young men feel thatin the event of hostility by some people, they should be valiant.According to the author, being perceived as a dangerous personelicited fear among streetwalkers. Consequently, the police couldreact by shooting the suspect and eventually causing death.