Women in Colonial America

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Womenin Colonial America

Womenin Colonial America

Americahad been under the British rule and it was referred to as colonies.This paper discusses how the French and Indian wars impacted on theAmericans and how it changed their fate.

Influenceof Britain on Colonial Life

Ifound the movie “French and Indian Wars changes the fate ofAmerica” depicting the struggle for power. Moreover, I found it tobe thought-provoking and showing how a nation struggled to liberateitself from colonization. As revealed in the movie, power struggle isan inevitable conflict. How the British tirelessly try to hold on itscolonies is surprisingly hard to believe. I find it ironical that theBritish expected the colonies to pay taxes so as to support itstroops in the war with the French.


Nonetheless,am pleased to see the way the colonies get enlightened. The coloniesdecide to get their freedom and to impose self-governance is amazing.Congratulations to them for the colonies coming to realize theyneeded to rule themselves rather than being colonized by the British.

Ifind the British rule being oppressive, in that they expected thecolonies to forcefully pay taxes. In fact, they enforced strictreligion rules, whoever defiled this rule were even persecuted fortrying to practice an opposing religion which was very heartless fromthe British.

Impactsof the seven-year war on British Colonies

Duringthe periods of 1714 to 1818 it led to American Revolution. It is avery significant period in the American history. This movement infact brought about the creation of American Republic (Washington &ampArmy 2014).

TheGreat Awakening.

Thegreat awakening was a new spiritual awakening that came to reign inAmerican colonies. It brought about people being courageous toquestion religion. For instance, when they saw it not on the rightpath they questioned. Is it okay to question religion? Those arethoughts that passed through the minds of the Americans during theperiod where the colonies were liberated on matters of religion.

Britishimposed an oppressive rule to the colonies for them to pay taxes sothat they would recover from their national debt. However, later thisprompted the Americans to rebel which was a broad move never seenbefore.


Wewitness how the war of French and Indians impacted on the Americansystem. It brought about liberalization where the nation cut thechains of colonization from Britain for it to be independent. It wasa great milestone to achieve by the Americans as they started ajourney of self-governance.


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