World Religion

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Thereare many divisions of Christianity, including Protestantism, whichwas formed by a group of Christians who believed that some errorsexisted in the Roman Catholic. There are three major principles whichdifferentiate Protestants from other Christians. These include thebelief that the primary source of authority in the church is theBible (Knitter,2014). This group also believes that Christians are forgiven theirsins based on the faith they have in God and Jesus Christ. Lastly,they believe that the role of a Christian is not only limited toreading the Bible but also taking part in other activities in thechurch such as governance.

Catholicismis another division, used to describe believers that refer tothemselves as Catholics in the apostolic church. They believe thatthey descended from one church formed by Jesus. They also believethat Jesus is divine and is present in the Eucharist. Lastly, theybelieve in the efficacy and importance of sacraments (Knitter,2014). The last division is the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is oneof the largest Christian churches in the world. This group believesin the Holy Trinity, sins and salvation of the sinners. They alsobelieve in the death and resurrection of Christ.

Thefilm OnceI Was a Beehiveportrays the Mormon religion, started by Joseph Smith. According tohim, God the Father and Jesus Christ visited him and told him tostart a new church since all other churches were abominations. Theybelieve in the bible and the book of Mormon. They also believe thatGod is not a supreme being and that God the Father is as tangible asa man since he has flesh and bones. Christians, on the other hand,believe in the existence of one God. Additionally, they believe thatno man can be equalized to God and He is not made of flesh and bonesbut is a spirit.


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