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Professor Keeperman

Writing 39B


Rhetoric Analysis 2

Honestly, before I took theWriting 39B class, I did not think much about how many differenttypes of hero and villains are in the movies and stories I have comeacross. At the back of my mind, heroes are portrayed as characterswho achieve success at the end of movies or stories, while villainsare punished by natural factors or the rule of law. After analyzingsome movies and stories, such as the “Wizard of Oz”, “Matrix”,“Big Lebowski”, and “Jesus’ son”, I learned that heroes inthe art sector can either be a darkhero, anti-hero, or sympathetic villain.Fuckhead in “Jesus’son” storyis depicted as an anti-hero. Althoughhe often makessome selfish and evil decisionshe is not completelya villain. For instance,he comforted thedriver whohad given him a ride and even took his baby to a safe place.

Fuckhead and his girlfriend liveda degenerate lifeand often were involved in illegal activities as a consequence ofdrug abuse. Johnson state that “at the beginning of the story,Work,“I’d been staying at the Holiday Inn with my girlfriend, honestlythe most beautiful woman I’d ever known, for three days under aphony name, shooting heroin. We made love in the bed, ate steaks atthe restaurant, shot up in the john, puked, cried, accused oneanother, beggedoff one another,forgave, promised and carried one another to heaven” (Johnson 45).“Once, as we stood arguing at a street corner, I punched her in thestomach. She doubled over and broke down crying. A car full of youngcollege men stoppedbeside us. ‘She’s feeling sick,’ I told them. ‘Bullshit,’one of them said. This morning, after the fight, after sitting on thebus for several blocks with a thoughtless, red mind, I jumped downand walked into the Vine. The Vine was still and cold. Wayne was theonly customer. His hands were shaking. He couldn’t lift his glass.I put my left hand on Wayne’s shoulder, and with my right, opiatedand steady, I brought his shot of bourbon to his lips. How would youfeel about making some money?’ he asked me” (46). In this regard,it is evident that Fuckhead is depicted as a man who did not know howto respect women and whocould denyhis offensesshamelessly.This is also evident when he stopped fighting with his girlfriend,and instead of apologizing,he left with no guiltyfeelings.

The behaviors of Fuckhead aresimilar to those of Tony, the protagonist,in the movie of Iron Man.Tony is arrogant especially when he tried to pushover a female journalist whowanted to interview himdue to his fame. However, after he realized that the lady wasbeautiful, he took her home andhad they engaged insexually activities. Onthe second day, Tony wasnot concerned about the Journalist her and he informed his secretaryto hastily dispatch her out of his house. In comparisonto some certain “typical”hero stories, like Dorothyin “The Wizard of Oz” or “Harry Potter”,Fuckhead have some unacceptable characters though not strong enoughto make him a villain.

Fuckhead demonstrates somesignificant amount of care towards the driver who had given him aride. He was the first one to regain conscious after the accident andimmediately he rescued the driver’s kid.After a little bit while,the driver woke up and asked Fuckhead regarding his wife and baby.Fuckhead comforted thedriver as a consequence of the death of his wife. Johnson states that “Iwas standing out here in the night, with the baby, for some reason,in my arms. It must have still been raining, but I remember nothingabout the weather. By his manner,he seemed to endorse the idea of not doing anything about this. I wasrelieved and tearful. I’d thought something was required of me, butI hadn’t wanted to find it was (7-8). Themajority of thepeoplemay walk away if they meetthis kind of catastrophe,but Fuckhead was concernedabout the safety of the victims and he even went ahead to rescue thekid. In this perspective, Fuckhead is not cold and this distinguisheshim from a villain who is always determined to perpetuate inhumanactivities. Forinstance, he says that “Ididn’t talk to anyone. My secret was that in the short while I hadgone from being the president of this tragedy to being a facelessonlooker at a gory wreck. At some point,an officer learned that I was one of the passengers, and took mystatement. I don’t remember any of this, except that he told me,‘put out your cigarette’” (Johnson 8).

According to Williford, ananti-hero often depicts some shining moments of heroism contrary totheir natural traits. This is evident when Fuckhead became selfishand fails to give an account of the accident to the police. However,his actions of taking the baby to a safe place and comforting thedriver portraythat he has a significant human nature in him. It can be argued thatFuckhead is not a doctor and his contribution in rescuing the injuredwas limited. Inaddition, althoughFuckhead did not die during two car accidents, heis either physicallyor mentally stimulated. Innormal circumstances, almost everyone will choose to be quiet andcomforted by other people, rather than engaging a police officer whenthey encounter this kind of situation.

Fuckhead can be linked toSherlock Holmes in the “Antihero film”who is just responsiblefor targeting the murdererwith an objective ofshowingthat he is a smart detective. Sherlockshould have spentsubstantial time comfortingthe family of deceasedandthe injured.“Sherlock Holmesis a great example of an anti-hero. As a consultingdetective, he obviously does ‘good’ things since he helps thepolice catch criminals. Unlike a hero, though, Sherlock Holmes is acocky, arrogant, rude character. His main motivation for helpingpeople is to prove that he’s smart enough to do it. He isn’tcompletely cold and he isn’t a villain, but he doesn’t have anycharacteristics of a hero. Even when he is self-sacrificing forvarious reasons, Sherlock Holes only does so for the people he caresabout for his own reasons.” (Williford). In this regard, it isevident that Fuckhead and Sherlock Holmes are neither villains norheroes, in some certain circumstances, they just want to make surethat their benefits are protected. The two characters are not readyto lose their own lives for the sake of others since they are allself-centered.

The two characters are aware ofwhat is right or wrong. Forinstance, Fuckhead andWayne worked hard to earn money rather than stay at Holiday Inn withtheir girlfriends. Johnson statesthat “By the time we were on the second floor, I could see we weregoing to make some money. But I was getting tired. I dropped thehammer, went to the bathroom. I was sweaty and thirsty. “But ofcourse the water didn’t work. I was catching my breath. We balledup big gobs of wire in the center of each room, working for over anhour. I boosted Wayne through the trapdoor into the attic, and hepulled me up after him, both of us sweating and our pores leaking thepoisons of drink, which smelled like old citrus peelings, and we madea mound of white-jacket wire in the top of his former home, pullingit up out of the floor” (48). Fuckhead truly spent time doing thetough work with Wayne,although he complained that the job was involving and sophisticated,he did not choose to give up.This clearly indicatedthat the character was aware that handwork indeed pays. Willifordstates that “It isn’t a villain who does ‘evil’ things, butrather a person who does heroic things almost incidentally whiledoing stuff for only their own gains”. Fuckhead leaves hisgirlfriend awaysince he knows that only hard work can bring benefit to him. Variousinstances also depict that Fuckhead is an anti-hero. Despite the factthat he was selfish, he totally forgot about his girlfriendafter findingan opportunityto makemoney. Nevertheless, he isnot completely cold, since he comforted the car driver and kept thedriver’s kid ina safe place after the two continuous car accidents.

Unlikevillains who are always unsympathetic Loki in the movie, “Thor”,is depicted as a FrostGiant, contrary to his size, and his father, Laufey did not want himto meet other people. As a result,Loki was portrayed as a very self-abasedkid. Williford states that“His actions throughout his storyline in Marvel films are able tounderstand with a level of empathy from the audience. His originalvillainous actions are more devious with the intentions of makingthings right than ‘evil’ until emotional traumas send himoverboard”. In this perspective, Loki wants the audienceto sympathize with him andignore his ‘evil’ actions. Fuckhead,on the other hand,takes drugs and sometimesdoes not know how to respect women,but if he meets someone who needs help, he will tryto offer hisassistant. The traitsof Fuckhead is considerably good and abusing drugs doesn’t qualifyto perceive him as a villain.

Comparedwith Neo,Harry potter and Dorothy,Fuckhead’s“success” and“achievement” areminimal and can’tbe found easilyin “Jesus’sonstories”. Since the context ofFuckhead is not from afairy tale or a magicnovel, he cannot betransformed and reborn dramatically.He is,therefore, ananti-hero Just like Sherlock Holmes, who is just good at targetingmurders rather than saving people’s lives. In “Jesus’ son”,Fuckhead who is a drug addict is seen to be an anti-hero due to hisinability to use the information he received from his premonitionregarding the possibility of an accident to safeguard his life(Williford). Though he is a protagonist, Fuckhead has a problemnarrating the story of the events in a coherent and concise manner.His affair with Michelle reveals a self-destructive storm of sexualescapades and unbridled desire. Rather than their love being foundedon mutual understanding and respect for each other, theirrelationship is based on their mutual sense of loss and suffering.

Since their love is based on aseemingly false premise, the relationship goes through several tragicphases. Fuckhead is at the center of this relationship and is unableto make a sober decision mainly due to his history and continued druguse. Bizarre occurrences are common in this relationship. All theseevents point towards an affair that is deeply troubled mainly becauseof the errant character of the anti-hero (Johnson 12). Fuckhead helpshis friend Wayne to tear down the walls of his abandoned home toextract copperwire which he intends to sell as scrap. In aiding Wayne, Fuckheaddisplays the character of an anti-hero who pushespeople deeper into their misery instead of necessarily aiding them toescape their vices.

Fuckhead’s continued use ofdrugs gives the movie its charm to an extent that when he recoversfrom the situation, the film seems to have hit an anticlimax. Hefails to help the people who are around him and he is unable toassist an individual who had skills of a surgeon but could easilyconvert his expertise to become a much-fearedkiller (1). Additionally, he is unable to assist his girlfriend and adepressed divorced man that he comes into contact with. In thisregard, Fuckhead can be depicted as an anti-hero due to hispersistent drug use which renders him in a difficult position toassist the friends that people he encountered.

As compared to agent Smith in the“Matrix” artwork, Fuckhead is less of an anti-hero. The extentthat agent Smith goes to after he is initially destroyed by Neo isastounding as he becomes a computer virus, which is an enemy thatgenuinely seeks to challenge its enemies. Throughout the series, heis considered as an antagonist who vehemently opposes Smith. As amatter of fact, Smith is used as the typical example of training Neoabout agents (&quotExploring the Dark Side&quot). According to thestatement made by Morpheus, agent Smith is used by the system tomaintain the Matrix by eliminating all threats even if they come inthe form of a human nature. As compared to agent smith of the Matrix,Fuckhead is not a perpetrator of injustice and violence. Rather, heis depicted as a failure because of his persistent drug use. Agentsmith is depicted as a character who is single-minded,focused, and inevitability firm while seeking for conformity andfinality.

As such, agent Smiths focus is toensure that all individuals conform to the system. In comparison toFuckhead, agent Smith is in a better position to control hiscircumstances through personally devised measures and strength toconfront the enemies of the system (Williford). On the other hand,Fuckhead is a victim of the establishment where he consistentlybattles with his drug addiction. His inhuman actions are triggered byhis constant use of drugs and not personal preference to harm anyone.The similarity between the two characters is that both Fuckhead in“Jesus’ son” and agent Smith in the “Matrix” exercise thepower of their self-will in making their decisions.

In conclusion, the essay hasaddressed the core text of Jesus’s son in close reference to how itrelates to the Hero’s journey. It is evident that Fuckhead hero’sjourney compares to that Tony, the protagonist,in the movie of Iron Manand Sherlock Holmes in the “Antihero film”. However, someinstances depicthim as an antihero, especially those related to the way he treatedwomen and abused drugs. In regard to Smith in the “Matrix”artwork, Fuckhead is less of an anti-hero who spent most of his timetrying to break from the cult of drug addiction. Instances whichportray Fuckhead as a hero include rescuing the driver’s child andchoosing to work rather than being with her girlfriend, an actionthat demonstrates how industrious he was. Nevertheless, his actionsof pushing people deeper into their misery instead of necessarilyaiding them to deal with challenges portrayhim as an antihero.

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