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Yadkin County Community Assessment

The resource base of a community is key in the determination of thehealth status of a community.Nurses need to be well acquaintedwith these factors ranging from environmental, socioeconomic andcultural. When nurses systematically assess the community, they areable to identify the resources available to foster health as well asidentify existing gaps in resource allocation more so to thesusceptible population. Yadkin County is of focus in this paper andits demographics, health indicators, socioeconomic and socialdeterminants of health shall be discussed (Jessica, &amp Stephanie,2012)

Overviewof Yadkin County

Yadkin County islocated in North Carolina (NC) state, US. The county according tothe 2010 census had a total population of 38,406 and now it isthought to have risen slightly. Located in the northwest Piedmontarea of NC, Yadkin has farmlands dotted by hills and valleys withstreams. Its boundaries are other counties namely Surry to thenorth, Forsyth to the east, Davie to the south-southeast, Iredell tothe south-southwest and Wilkes county to the west (Jessica, &ampStephanie, 2012)

The Yadkinpopulation comprised of 14,505 households with 10,588 families. Ithas 15,821 housing units with a population density of 18/km2. Furthermore, the population consisted predominantly of whites with apercentage of 88.5%, 0.16% Native American, 0.02 Pacific Islander,3.43 % black, 0.17 Asia, 2.91 other race whereas 0.77% were frommixed races. Hispanic/Latino approximated 9.8% (Jessica, &ampStephanie, 2012)

In the households, 32.10% had persons under 18 with them 60% ofcouples lived together while 9% of the households had a femalewithout a husband. 24% were made up of individuals while 10.5% hadan individual 65 years of age and above (Jessica, &amp Stephanie,2012)

24% of the population were under 18, 18-24 years being 7.5%. Furthermore, 30.2% between 25-44 years, whereas 24.2% of ages 45-64being and those at 65 years or more were 14.2%. The media populationage was 38years. Females were more than males (Grisle,2014)

From the data above, we find that 10.5% of the residents were 65years and or above and living alone. The people of this age needcloser attention as their health concerns become more. Being aloneis not the best. Similarly, the concentration of the population wasbetween the ages of 25-44 years and so the young ones are much less. The future may result in having more older people than young hencelimited productive ages (Grisle,2014)

HealthIndicators for Yadkin County

Despite the influence of genetics and or physical make-up of anindividual, the environment in which the individual interacts withhas a great influence on his/her health. The safety of food andwater, air quality and exposure to environmental hazards likephysical injury influence health outcomes. Similarly, socioeconomicfactors also play a role, determined by education status andemployment. Furthermore, personal choices impact individual andcommunity’s health. These choices include but not limited to diet,use of alcohol, drug use, exercises, sexual activity, stress, andsmoking (Randolph, Bruckner, &ampSee, 2013).

In Yadkin, the health department conducted a research and found outthat cancer topped the diseases that killed the most. This wasfollowed by heart diseases and chronic respiratory infections. Theleast was deaths as a result of septicemia. Safety of the drinkingwater, tobacco free smoking zones, personal behaviors affectinghealth, availability of regular screening and adequate health careworkforce topped the concerns of the residents of Yadkin (Randolph,Bruckner &amp See, 2013).

SocioeconomicStatus of Yadkin County

Yadkin County hasextensive farmlands. It is known for its production of grapes. Wineindustries have thrived in the region. The residents have gained abig deal as a result of the employment opportunities in the farms aswell as the industries. Wines from this region use the appellation“Yadkin Valley” on the wine`s labels. Many other employingagencies like transport industry have lifted the socioeconomic statusof the residents y also offering employment opportunities (Grisle,2014).

Grape farming is a good source of income. Similarly, processing ofgrapes to wine in industries create jobs. However, the negativeimpact of the use of wine can result in ailments like liver damage. Consequently, overt use of wine and alcoholic substances can resultin a setback to health. Use of alcohol goes together with smokingtherefore, this also can result in chronic respiratory diseases whichare the third most common killer in Yadkin County (Randolph,Bruckner, &amp See, 2013).

SocialDeterminants of Health for Yadkin County

The residents ofYadkin are known to abuse substances, smoke and use alcohol. Thestatistics show that the average figures from the county far exceedthe state average for women who use tobacco cigarettes in pregnancy. This trend is worrying (Randolph,Bruckner, &amp See, 2013).

Despite the use of substances, the residents of Yadkin Countyparticipate in health check-ups thus early identification ofpotential health threats. More input for physical activity isrequired for the residents (Brown,&amp Smith, 2012).

Politics haveplayed a less significant role in Yadkin. The county is headed by aboard of commissioners who oversee all the activities in the county.


Yadkin County is awell-resourced place. The inhabitants are people of diversesocioeconomic status. With this in-depth assessment, a few areas oftheir lives need to be adjusted to ensure that they achieve andmaintain an optimum health status. These areas are physicalinactivity, substance abuse, and poor nutrition (Grisle,2014).


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Windshield Survey Assessment for Yadkin County

Population Demographics

According to the 2010 census, Yadkin county had a total population of 38,406. In this population, there were 14,505 households consisting of 10,588 families. The housing units in this area were 15,821 with an average density of 18/km2. The population consisted of various racial makeup the Whites dominating at 88.5% while the Native Americans being the least at 0.16% (Jessica, &amp Stephanie, 2012).


Yadkin County is surrounded from all sides by other counties. To the North is Surry County, East is Forsyth County, West is Wilkes County South South-east is Davie County and to the South South-west is Iredell County

Housing Availability

Housing in Yadkin County is relatively available. We have houses ranging from real estates and the ones of low income. House vendors develop various capacities of houses and sell them to willing buyers. There are low-income apartments also for rent.

Open Spaces

There are established parks and recreation department in Yadkin County with the mandate of offering activities, facilities, and functions designed to meet the demands of the people. There are 4 parks with a blue way and river access points.

Transportation Accessibility

Yadkin County has good transportation networks from land and air. The Interstate 77 and the US 421 are the two highways that run north to south and east to west respectively with an intersection near the town of Hamptonville. The county is also served by US 21, US 601 and C 67 which runs on the northern side of the county.

There are two international airports in the county, Piedmont Triad and Charlotte Douglas. In addition, there are also the Swan Creek and Lone Hickory private airports (Jessica, &amp Stephanie, 2012).

Social Services

Social services in Ashe county aim at assisting families maintain and or enhance their quality of life, abate abuse and neglect as well as the exploitation of vulnerable persons and groups. They work in conjunction with local, state and federal agencies as well as interested parties.


Together with several other stores, Walmart Supercenter offer shopping outlets to the residents. The other stores are Shiloh General, Yadkin Valley, Dollar General, Cracker Barrel, Courtney General, and Yadkin Tobacco store

Social Activities

The Parks and Recreation department provide a range of social activities in the county all year round. The activities range from all games, golf, athletics and other activities of fun. These activities are provided on a 140-acre land designated for all these activities with adequate facilities.

Environmental Conditions

Yadkin County has a relatively mild climatic condition. The average monthly temperatures are at a maximum of 69 degrees with a minimum of 44 degrees. The county receives an average monthly precipitation of 45.6 inches (Grisle, 2014).

Health Services Availability

In the quest to improve accessibility for health services, the Health Department in Yadkin County developed a Healthcare Access program to offer services of health to the residents who cannot afford to buy health insurance. This also targets those individuals who do not qualify for Medicare this being a referral program only


A significant number of residents in Yadkin are religious. Among the denominations that are leading in Yadkin are evangelical, catholic and Assemblies of God among others.

Islamic mosques are also present like the Masjid Al-Mu-Minum and community mosque of WS (Grisle, 2014).

Health Indicators

Personal behaviors greatly influence an individual’s health. The diet and physical exercise are the major factors that determine health. In Yadkin County, a majority of the residents did not engage in regular exercises either did they consume fruit and vegetables in the food menus. Lack of purchasing power influence the use of such food. Most residents, however, participated in health exams such as colonoscopy.

Similarly, substance abuse and use of tobacco including alcohol intake were seen to affect the residents of Yadkin. Women were noted to smoke even during pregnancy. There was a lower incidence of communicable diseases (Grisle, 2014).

Political/Social Justice Indicators

Yadkin county is solidly a Republican area. Over the years, they have voted Republican presidential aspirants.

Media Resources

The residents of Yadkin County have access to Yadkin Ripple newspaper as well as the Tribune. There is a larger paper issued daily-Winston-Salem Journal to the county. The presence of the Valley Living twice monthly issued paper serves the people with information on lifestyle publications.

The Spanish WSGH radio station sends it airwaves from the eastern part of Yadkin. Piedmont Triad TV and radio waves are also received in Yadkin (Brown, &amp Smith, 2012).

Businesses and Industry (Employment)

There are a number of industries in Yadkin Unifi, Lydall and Chipita are among the plants that reside there. Earlier, with the restriction of the railroad, the development of these industries was slow but after the entry of highway infrastructure, there came a healthy mix of industries. These facilities have significantly offered job opportunities to the residents. Farming is extensively done in the county, primarily for grapes that are used in wine making (Brown, &amp Smith, 2012).